I am happy to announce that Takashi's Lina and Zelgadis Shrine is going to reopen soon! How soon? Well, I'm not sure yet. It has been closed for the past two years and since then I have missed the couple Lina Inverse and Zelgadis Graywords and the L/Z community. As I think back on all those times I wish I would've contributed more; I have brought people together by creating a Yahoo! Club but that is now known as a Yahoo! Group. I have missed the Lina/Zelgadis community a lot and I know we have all gone our seperate ways getting invovled with other anime series that might spark our interest or couple or whatever. I had wanted to come back to wake everyone up and get us all together again, but most of the community members are no where to found. Still, there are a few of us that are still around that still post to the Group at Yahoo!.
But it's like Sakura said when she updated her site, "I (...) missed the site" and I got to hand it to her, it's usually hard letting something go that you put much effort and hard work into. Over the past two years I had thought about taking my site and putting back up but never had the time. Due to the fact my brother died in a car accident of March 2002; it was difficult for me to do anything at the time. I was active in the Pokemon community taking the couple Eldershipping (Prof. Oak/Delia Ketchum or Yukinari Ookido/Hanako) and gathering people that liked the idea of that couple together also.
After the times of healing had passed after my brother's death, I was still invovled with the Eldershipping fandom and I had thought about getting back into the Lina and Zelgadis community...two years later.

I finally decided to go back to the Lina and Zelgadis fandom; why you ask? Well it's like I stated earlier, I missed the couple and everyone that was apart of the community. I know I may have not expressed this towards the members at the group but I'd like to say this now. :) But don't expect this website to open up in a few days; mind you, it's my senior year of high school and you know how hectic those are! Scholarships, Senior projects, and all! Yeesh, it's very tiring but for now I leave you with some links that might interest you. ^_^

Notice: 11/11/04 - This site will be moving to due to Geocities having that annoying tab bar on that site of this page. >_<;; But if any of you are looking for a site with no ads, this is the number one place to go to! I also use this for my Eldershipping site too. ^^

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