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It was a time of panic and mayhem.

Long had the world resided under the rule of order. The forces of darkness and chaos held at bay. The arts flourished and the people grew rich and fat. They were complacent and lacked the wisdom to see what lay ahead.

Far to the north, beyond the Ice Isle others watched the land and were envious of all that we had, for in truth, we had taken it from them in a time so long before even the bards and historians believed it nothing more than a fable to frighten small children.

So from our past they came. Those men who were not men. Ogres and Goblins, Orcs and Giants. With them came the Dragons, Daemons and all manner of other beasts and monsters that feed on the destruction of war. The dark sorcerers even reached to our own ancestors and soon the graves gave up their dead. And so a great darkness fell on our land.
And so here we are now, A few left from the many. Left a bare handfull of crude towns amid the chaos that now rules, our artistry dead, what crafts we have jealously guarded by the gifted few. Will order return, I know not. I only know that you have your part to play.
For good or ill, you have a part to play, should you be ready to meet the challenge.

I bid thee, Welcome to Ashram.


27/07/02 Well we have had a few teething problems but on the whole things have gone well and the number of players continues to grow. Regular tourneys are a part of the Ashram life and we will shortly be starting the quest that stands behind the developing history of Ashram.

A piece of really good news is that this website has just been awarded a prize for design and functionality. You can see this web award on a new page I have added, it can be found via a link on the features page. Who knows, maybe we will win more.