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I was a bit skeptical about this product.
"Yeah right. I mean nothing can really get rid of wrinkles. And certainly not, in less than 30 minuets." I'm sure you can certainly relate to how skeptical I was.

First I  looked in the mirror and studied my face like they said to. Rude awakening, I thought I knew were every fine line and wrinkle was till I  really looked hard at my face.

Then I applied the mask on 1/2 of my  face as directed. I put on a some relaxing music and laid back for about 20 minutes. When I could feel the mask was warm to the touch I proceeded to rinse it off.

When I removed the mask.... 
Well let me tell you, I was truly astounded at what I saw in the mirror.

The half of my face without the instant face lift looked like I had a stroke compared to the Instant Facelift side.

I could not believe my own eyes. Half my face was lifted; "I actual looked 5 years younger!" The fine lines were gone. The deep wrinkles were less noticeable. And my skin, it felt so soft, as soft as a babies butt.

Remember how you felt when you saw your first wrinkle? A kind of sinking feeling. Like you had arrived on the other side, the down hill side. And there wasn't anything you could do about it.

Well let me tell you, it feels even better to be back on the other side looking in the mirror and see them gone.

Just for the fun of it, I decided to use the Instant Face Lift on my beautiful, 23 year old daughter. She also happens to be my best skeptic. Your children don't have any problem telling you the truth, weather you want to hear it or not. Just ware something outdated and go someplace with them.

Anyway, she hardly has any a wrinkles.  Just a small laugh line and a very few fine lines around her eyes, probably due to her ivory complexion. I didn't expect to see any results. She is just next to perfection as far as I'm concerned.

As her masque was hardening, I was surprised that at such a young age her face did the puckering. Puckering shows were you have a loss of muscle tone.

She then rinsed of the masque. She is very thin and petite, but even her little jowl area was lifted. As we were comparing one side of her face to the other you could also see a better definition under her check bone.   It even picked up that little fat place under her lips, we didn't see before. And the puffiness was gone under her eye and and no fine lines.

I was totally blown away!
Most surprising to me was her reaction. Were talking about Miss Preppy here. Was she ever excited! We both couldn't believe it. Half of her young face had actually lifted!

Then I thought to myself, after experiencing the Instant face lift there isn't a woman alive who wouldn't buy this even if she had to sell her husband to get it. Well maybe not the husband, one of the kids perhaps. No, the grocery money, she'd feed them beans and rice for a week. I was exhilarated.

Getting back down to earth.
Of all the ladies I have had the privilege to demonstrate the Instant Face Lift with, I have not seen one lady that has not experienced results. What's really fun is to get a few friends together for the demo and just step back and watch. They all jump up afterwards and start telling each other all the details. You would think it's Christmas morning and they were opening gifts.

Getting a second chance to look young again is a gift.
It truly wish I could of found a product like this when I was a young woman. Perhaps I would of never gotten any wrinkles in the first place.

Sincerely, Margo Guinn

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