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Welcome to my website

Here you will find information about my accomplishments in the quilt world and also about the lecture that I offer. 

I was named in 2003 to the Master Quilters Guild established by the National Quilting Association, one of my quilts being awarded Masterpiece Status.

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My accomplishments in the quilt world include many awards from prestigious shows such as:

Houston International Quilt Festival-

Best of Show, 1994
Founder's Award, 1994, 1996, 2001 & 2003
Master Award for Traditional Artistry, 2003
Viewer's Choice, 1990
Judge's Choice, 1990 & 1991

American Quilters Society

Best of Show, 2001
Hand Workmanship Award, 2005
1st Professional Appliqué, 2000, 2008
2nd Professional Appliqué, 1992
3rd Pictorial Appliqué, 1990
Viewers' Choice, 1990

National Patchwork Championship, England

Champion Quilt, 1990
Quilters Guild Award for workmanship

Scottish Quilt Championships

Champion Quilt, 1999

Pacific International Quilt Festival

Best of Show 2005
Traditional Appliqué, 1st
Viewer's Choice

World Quilt and Textile

Best In The World, 2001, 2004
Traditional, 1st, 2000
Viewers' Choice, 2000

Great British Quilt Festival

Large Wall hanging, 1st
Hand Appliqué, 1st

Road to California

Best of Show, 2003
Excellence in Hand Quilting, 2004, 2006

National Quilt Association
2nd place Appliqué & Viewers' Choice

My quilts have been exhibited at Quilt Expos in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, France and Spain. They have been featured in many publications in the USA and abroad.

One of my quilts was named one of the 100 Best American Quilts of the Twentieth Century.

I was named by Quilter's Newsletter Magazine one of "30 Distinguished Quilt makers of the World."

Last updated: July 2007


Zena Thorpe
9657 Gierson Ave.
Chatsworth, CA  91311