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Thursday, November 4, 20004 update

     My geocities web pages include
information about me and my books and include a page for each of my published poems.  They also include several pages of aura information.  If you wish to email me, you may do so using this contact author link.

     In my sci-fi fantasy "Ambersand Castle Trilogy," the only books available so far are "
Well-Kept Secrets" and "The Mystique of Ambersand" but "From Cyberspace to Pyramids" is slated for publication as soon as editing is complete.  Then it too will be included in the Xlibris.com bookstore search listings.  Xlibris also has excerpts from each book: "Secrets" excerpt and "Mystique" excerpt, and has an author page as well.  There will be a sequel series, "Into The Netherworlds" and the first book of that series is entitled, "Beyond Ambersand Castle's Trilogy."

I hope to publish my own poetry book with Xlibris.com soon and plan to call it "Intuitives, The Mariah Collection."  Meanwhile, I have posted 53 of my shorter poems on
poetry.com in the poet search section.  Although there are several others with the same first and last name, I am the only Janet R. Shaw posted there.

I have created several aura pages to expand on the reference to aura studies I made in my trilogy.  The links to those include:
general aura page
aura colors
aura notes
aura photography
The picture below is an aura photograph
Janet Shaw
Ball-point pen drawing of ZendorDin
from the cover of  "
Well-Kept Secrets"
book one of  "The Ambersand Castle Trilogy"
My drawing of Jaiya on Ninja
from cover of "
The Mystique Of Ambersand"
book two of "The Ambersand Castle Trilogy"