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  Welcome to my very first webpage made by HTML typing only. Yes, no frontpage used here, so bear with me. This website will basically demonstrate what I learned in HTML. This website will include pictures, a list, and an example of a table. Oh, and if you experience some slight tremors don't be alarmed. In fact, if that last sentece confuses you I suggust you refresh your screen about 10 times until it happens

Here are the different parts of my website:

  1. History of Mercedes SL's
  2. Mercedes 190SL
  3. Mercedes Model SLK
  4. Table with Information
  5. Links
  6. Contact Information

History of the Mercedes SL

    SL is a branch of Mercedes that is run in Germany. The goal of this company was to convert a racing car into a production car that had many of the same qualities of a high-preformance car but was also available to the general public. The initials "SL" originally stood for the German words "Sehr Leicht" (Very Light) but when the cars were brought to market, they were referred to as Sport Leicht" (Sport light) since they were not "very" light.


The following are a few links to good Mercedes SL websites and resources.

Information Table

The following is a small table with information regard ing the two previously talked-about cars, the 190SL and the SLK.

Cost Today (New) Cyllinders Compression Ratio 0-60 MPH in Wheelbase Height Length
190SL $25,489 4 8.8:1 12.7 Sec. 94.5" 52" 168.9"
SLK $56,115 6 10.0:1 6.6 sec. 94.5" 50.4" 157.9"

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