First, some history. I was born in Istanbul on September, 1977 and my horoscope is Libra.. When I was 10 my family moved to Sakarya where I went to secondary and high school and then went to university which is about Public Relations and Advertising in Ankara.

After graduating I went to work with my father for a year but I didn't really like to do business in a family company,because I am keen on doing things on my own and achieve personal achievements these are key thngs in my life .I moved to Istanbul and started a new job which was about advertising and organisation and I was working their as a Project Director (It's about
marketing communications) since January 2004, but at last I left this job for personal problems at Jan, 2005. Until now  I'm working as a freelancer for companies and organizations but this doesn't mean I won't work for a company full-time.  I love this job because it's a stepstone to my career target. At last I'm working in an advertising agency, now!

Things I love: Love, music of every enjoyable type, long walks, driving cars, also socilazing wth new people, spending time with my friends... Generally enjoy living a normal because my job allows me to see every aspect of lfe already !

On the other hand I'm computer enthusast  and took an education about MCSE 2000 a while back.

Things I hate: Scattering TV programmes and plus all the things that you would you hate...!
I'm just normal :)

This site has information about me and also includes alternative ways to contact me ...

For now Take care. . . .

Also please could you leave a comment in my guestbook.
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