By: Shyan Chapman 06-11-04


        Alexander (Aleister) Crowley was born in Leamington Spa,

Warwickshire on October 12,1875. Aleister was born into a religious family. His parents were members of a fanatical Christian group called, " The Plymouth Brethren." Aleister's father was a lay preacher for this Christian group.


        Aleister had a hard childhood, he was constantly surrounded

by death. His father died when he was only 11 years old. When

Aleister was a child his mother refered to him as, "The Beast." He was drug into a religion he didn't agree with. Aleister had his ideas and beliefs but never really acted on anything until he got older.

        In 1896, Aleister claims his first mystical experience had happened while he was on his way to Stockholm. Soon after in 1898, he leaves his schooling at the Trinity College in Cambridge and becomes initiated into the "Hermetic Order Of The Golden Dawn." Here Aleister Crowley felt "at home." He often openly preached his ideas that he held in for so many years.


        "Do What Thou Will" was one of his most popular speeches. Everyone today who knows of Aleister Crowley knows of his teachings. He was a firm believer in "Do what Thou Will,"

"Love is the law, love under will," "There is no law beyond do what thou will."


        During his life Aleister wrote many books and had many followers. He wrote about many things ranging from Herbs (Hashish), to Beasts, Spirits, magic and the self.


        Aleister Crowley was a book writer, a poet, a mystic, an occultist and into witch craft. He once lived on the shores of the Great Loch Ness. There was rumor that Aleister had something to do with the legend of the Loch Ness Monster. Aleister Crowley often tried to summon spirits and conjure up demons to do his bidding. He led many of his followers to his home...the house called Boleskin. People in the neighborhood often claimed to see and hear strange things. They said there was a sense of evil in the air. They all felt that the Boleskin House was cursed.

During one of the many attempts to conjure up demons one of

Aleister Crowley's followers died. Aleister was temporarily confined to a mental hospital.


        Even after Aleister no longer lived in the Boleskin House new owners always felt uneasy and there has been many strange stories told by neighbors and owners of the house. There had also been many unexplainable deaths that have occured in the Boleskin house.


        Aleister Crowley died on December 1,1947. But his followers still exist today. Many people try to follow in his steps, they buy his books and think of him as one of the greatest influences on witch craft. They still worship him and try to get new members and even Ozzy Osbourne kept his name alive with his song "Mr. Crowley."


        Did Aleister succeed in summoning a creature? Is the Monster in the Loch here because of Crowley? There were sightings and reports of Monsters in the Loch long before Aleister lived on it's shores in the Boleskin House. But who knows, maybe there is more than one thing in the Great Loch.