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Zenith Logistical Technologies

Zenith Logistical Technologiesis a company providing the development of products and Services that will take us to and through the highest level of technological advancements, as well as commercial Space Travel and continuous living throughout The Universe. We are moving to be the leader in the development of Life Support Systems and Societies that will sustain us as we enter into the galactic arena to live among the Stars.


Zenith Logistical Technologies covers the Entire spectrum of This Worlds Technological desires to Advance through this Millennium. We offer many Products and Opportunities to assist You and Your Company to stand above the rest in The Global Corporate Race for The Best. Here You Can buy Products and Packages to assist You and Your Company to be a Leader in Your Market and achieve The Levels that You dream of in The Global Market Place.

Zenith Logistical Technologies provides scientific and chemical technological support for our parent company, WASA ( Wilborniti'Aero Space Agency ).

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Zenith Logistical Technologies is a division of Wilborniti'


Zenith Logistical Technologies
Customer Service:(801) 504- 2340

Email: vertexintergratedtechnologies@yahoo.com