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Hi! I'm Zenji227. To go to the free game demo links first, click on my picture. If you need the super search engines, click on the banner at the top of the page. This site consolidates any number of powerful resouces into a simple command center. While traveling the Web through these links the browser back button is the best way to return to use other site assets. You now can command an extremely powerful Digital age tool. As a free software hunter I built his fortress to battle the corporations, and other crooks that think people into thinking they have to pay for things on-line. Let others chat, blog, and catch up on celeb news. Get what you paid for when you bought your PC! Play the hottest new free game demos, get free music, get free classic movies, and get the free utilities you'll need to build your own on-line castle.

Breaking news...We're adding Vista based games and the links also offer great classics for older systems. We now have free movie download sites! If you like reading news papers, we have plenty. Click on news and jobs tab if you want either. If you're interested in building your own page, or furthering your knowledge on any subject, you've come to the right place.

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Building your own page scare you? Try one of our elementary tutorial sites on for size. Lisa explains how to do it in terms that even a child can understand!

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Here is another link to illustrate what you've been missing if you don't know how to use search engines. This site is dedicated to keeping the Internet free! So check out these cool animated banner. I got the one on the top of the page from them, so I'll return the favor. Don't forget to tell folks about this site also, OK?

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