The Emerging Art Of Reversing The Scam
One day navigating I discovered the featured site was one concerning the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Scam. Clicking the link like all good websurfers do, it turned out to be the story of two innocent kids doing their part to "reverse" the scam on the infamous fraudsters.

The gentleman scammer they were dealing with at the time was one Abbas "Mugu" Bundu, and they had managed to string him along long enough to actually get him to pose for a picture holding a placard reading "David Lee Roth."

Instant lightbulb. Since I am the only living person in the world with an active email account that has yet to receive a scam proposal of his own, I borrowed one posted on the Urban Legends Message Board and armed with Abbas' pic went to work. The gods smiled, and the result is presented for your perusal...

Bonus Items:
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Nigerian Scam Baiting (The New Internet Bloodsport)
Dick Pleasure, Porn Purveyor Extraordinaire (Will he be able to convince Jonathan to pound his pooch?)
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Duncan Ogaga firmly believes your money should become his, and he'll do whatever is necessary to convince you. Wonder if he used the same photographer as Abbas
The Reversal In Sections:
Original Proposal ...w/an immediate counter
Conversation, Pt. 2 ...and another counter
Conversation, Pt. 3 ...asking Duncan a ?
Conversation, Pt. 4 ...fake pic & real pic
Conversation, Pt. 5 for Duncan
Kamil Momoh ...Fresh Meat!
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