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zen, tao, poetry, and related art links

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recommended  zen / tao arts and poetry pages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


other zen / tao sites.    -  easygoing with good color graphics and quotes.  excellent links.     -  classic koan and personal haiku.   -   with stories about buddha, arrt, etc..  and  - poems,  fascinating quotes and proverbs.     -  international japanese gardens assoociation.      - poems, submissions and web-rings.
<                                         - haiku poets hut, with good links here andd at :    -  what it says it is.     -  with poetry.   -   hit yourself with this. a divverse and stimulating destination.    -   a talented writer and painterr. good site and links.  -cool intro. explore extensive zen resourcees.  -  a touch of classical beauty. (with thanks t yokia john frary).   -   another collection of fine peersonal haiku. (maybe extinct!)   -   photodharma lotus center :&nbbsp; zen photograhy, poetry, art, links, webrings.   -  arts and healing network.  -  look at it.   -   path to natural living.   -  poetry all genres, and books t get..  many links.   -  a good collection of personal haikuu.  -  tao and pets. photos, haiku, poetryy and quotations.  -  contemporary buddhist issues  resources articles books links. excellent.  - sensitive n extensive resource list n sitte.  - a mammoth resource ... who needs a searchh engine for haiku.?  -  huge resource for modern and classiic poetry.   -   metered haiku : read as it woould sound.  -  zen, tao, dharma, bukowski., with ggood links.  -  the zen art of monk song yoon.   - a  good forum for news and views on haiku and related genres.  -  zen, women, and buddhism. extensivee site on a neglected subject.   -  comprehensive buddhist guidance. a light to follow. take "time".   -  lots of word stuff.   -  it's in the url.  also see :&nnbsp;   -   a collection of wood-carved bbuddha  images.   -   buddhas, bodhisattvas, mandallas & more. (extensive collection).   -   the complete nichiren biograpphy.   -   more on nichiren buddhism.   -   a superb article.   -   chinese ideograms and papercuutting.   -   the tao of reality. a direct and informative synopsis.   -   history of taoism.

>  -  a site for  tao meditation, wiith voice and wisdom.  -  academic and extensive tao info sitte.   -   alan.w.watts  :  ...time..  -  unasking and solid tao.  a massterlink.   -   rings, club, philosophy (clear, and recommended).   -  diverse tao site, with sound. ;   -  tao te ching, chuang-tzu, history, bibliographs,  ch'an., and    -  comprehensive tao sites. 

enjoy a break from zen and tao.

colorful, shamanic and mythological painting 

surrealist art - past and present   high quality graphics and much more.

interesting collection of abstract art 

a young art exponent 

explore earth's future ?    biosphere2, with cool viewer. 

space, computing, science, sf stories etc., extensive & excellent  for example :
                                                solar system - live.
                                                astronomy, space & sattelite tracking.
                                                 bending spacetime in the basement.
                                                  retro-psychokinesis online.                             

introspection in "real time" 

light and time paradox.    is this your own knowledge ? 

interesting "alarm" pix   (incl. 2002)

from the concept of  the singularity

mental matchbox machine 

boids    (java applets)    (maybe extinct!)

almost a poverty index     http://www.GWDG.DE/~uwvw/2001Data.html 

swat y thnk ts.  nmor.

artificial intelligence koans. serious fun. 

fast, frenetic, fun from asia.. 

talk to a machine ? 

a selection of optical illusions.     probably the best on the web.
                                          hours of mind-bending.

science fiction hit from usofa.

meddling in the affairs of infinity.    do-it-yrself video feedback.

the traffic cone preservation society. 

bush or chimp for a laugh. 

street mattress authority official site. 


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