Licensed  to Soothe
Certified massage for your body.
Spiritual counseling for your soul.

Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist
M.A. Spiritual Psychology

Whatever you are aware of in this moment is what needs to be acknowledged, addressed, and answered.

Zen Massage
Zen Massage is "massage of the moment"  with full awareness of your feelings, your challenges, and your abilities to to attain peace and balance. I have over 10 years of experience on clients ranging from physically challenged people, pregnant women and first time clients, to  other massage therapists. Whether you are seeking relief from pain or nurturing and pampering, I can help you regain your natural sense of balance. My bodywork is uniquely tailored to your needs, not a spa routine. I work with the intention of healing and I listen to both your body and your preferences as I work, adapting each session to you.

Strictly therapeutic only, please do NOT call me if you are seeking sexual services.

Zen Counseling

My spiritual training is both academic and life-based. I have travelled to over 15 countries and I speak three languages fluently.  I have lived a variety of lifestyles and offer nonjudgmental   support for your challenges. I can assist you in your growth and healing by providing a completely nurturing and soothing environment.  Learn how to surrender to peace. Your intention to heal and your ability to allow the possibility of healing are all that is required.

Harm to yourself or others is never supported as that is never in the highest good.

Menu of Services

Elaine Lew LMT, M.A.

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All services are require at least 24 hours notice and an one hou
r minimum. *Prices are based on distances 10 miles or less  from West Los Angeles. Travel to other areas possible, but travel fees apply.
Massage helps with Mesothelioma