Welcome home! This is the old, old, old website that I built way back in the day. It's like a blast from the past to look at this thing, but the URL is still here so I guess I'd better update the text.

My name is Casey, and I work for a big insurance company named UnumProvident. Nope, I don't like my job, thanks for asking. I'm 24, an optitheistic stoic, and I like music, movies, SCCA racing, hanging out, reading car magazines, poking fun at culture and society, etc.  So, in other words, I'm a pretty normal guy.

If you really want to know what I'm up to, go to
www.MySpace.com/HoldEm. Sure, MySpace is where everybody is, but sometimes you just have to cave to the pressure and get on the bandwagon, you know? The site does have its good points even if it does seem to be down more than it's up. But before you go over to my MySpace, feel free to poke around and have a good laugh at what I was like 5 years ago when I made this page. :-)

Oddly enough, my writings get most of the hits on this site. I guess some desperate procrastinating college kids are trying to get some "ideas" for their papers. Hey, go for it. Plagarize all you want!
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Created on February 25, 2001.  Last design update 11/26/03.
You can find me on AOL Instant Messenger as AttorneyKid. I'm generally on through my phone, and that's not that often, but it happens. Feel free to find me via Google Chat. That's more likely.
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Check out my old Matrix website...It's been under construction for about four years, but there are still some cool photos from the first movie to check out.
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Casey's Website
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