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This is my place to plant seeds of ideas, and hopefully be able to see them grow and blossom.  The original Zenobia from whom I took my name was an ancient queen of Palmyra of Asia Minor, in what is now Turkey.  She was a formidable woman in her own right.  I take my inspiration from her, to take Life by the horns and squeeze out everything I can before the passage of time takes its inevitable toll. 

I am a belly dancer by passion, and sometimes by trade.  My specialties include but are not limited to single and double veil, balancing, zils, fan, and floorwork, with styles ranging from raks sharqi to dunyavi gypsy to stylized theatrical.  I have taught and performed in many different venues, and am available to teach or delight your audience, whether it be a formal party or a Renaissance Faire.  If you want the more stilted version of propaganda that is given to seminar sponsors, please check out my DANCE page.
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