Zen Shiatsu ; is a Japanese traditional healing art with a philosophical and practicing basis in Zen principles that seeks to promote and maintain  wellness by encouraging the balanced flow of vital life energy (ki=chi=qi) throughout the body. In Shiatsu, all 14 of the body's meridians are stimulated through precise applications of acupressure by way of palms, feet, forearms, knees, and thumbs, with stretches and joint mobilizations. Zen Shiatsu is the most effective non-diagnostic (nonjudgmental) and non-invasive (gentle yet firm) style of Shiatsu.

The author of this webpage is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor!  Health is Wealth,  Yoga can show you the way this is achieved. The word yoga  is Sanskrit for  " union".  Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it is a complete lifestyle, which includes diet, philosophy, exercise, and meditation to unite mind with body and spirit.. For more detailed yoga info, visit the
Sivananda website.

If you are ever in the North Seattle WA area of the USA, you can arrange to make an appointment for a Zen Shiatsu session with Ms
Emenke, LMP. Contact her via email.
Zen Shiatsu is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine
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