Zensualgodezzz Alaska Life
I'm a woman...
I'm as old as I look.
I'm a longtime Alaskan resident...21years

I spent 21 years traipsing all over Alaska - 1st as a wilderness nut, then as a Photographer and Videographer for Adventure Tour Companies. I have not begun to see it all. I must confess I love getting paid to fish!

Now I do Website Development & Maintenance.
I'm also partners in a Fishing Lodge Project on the Kasilof River Alaska. The thing I like best about my geocities website is it doesn't have to look professional!

I'm into wilderness adventures, extreme sports, reading, cooking, sewing, pottery,  my computer, scrabble, and trivia games
My favorite website is
pogo.com username: zensualgodezzz

My alternate universe is  Norath (Luclin) where I'm a High Elf Cleric (Lazurynae) Barbarian Shaman (Bluelight)Wood Elf (Bebeluv)Vah Shir Beastmaster (Katgurlkan) Froglok Wizard (Hiijinx) Barbarin Berzerker (Bodeccia) High Elf Enchanter (Chantressa) Everquest...

Gave my hair to kids with cancer...
Zensualgodezzz Alaska Life
Here are a couple of my favorite websites I built or am working on now.

McClure's Guide Service
Fishing Charters & Vacations
Kenai Peninsula Alaska

River's Edge Lodge & Kasilof Bluff Cabins
Kasilof Alaska