Hi. I go by Zaim. In this website,  I showcase my analysis of the Nasdaq and Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE).

Currently, the info provided in this webpage is free, so enjoy it :)
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You are in an uncharted territory in the stock market. Wouldn't it be nice (and profitable :) if you have a map? I do have it! And let me share it with you.
Are you one of those people who think that market movement is random? The above pic is of KLSE (2000-2004) which is bounded by several envelopes. Look at it carefully and think again...
-Enron debacle from a chartist and fundamentalist point of view
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6th June
See my links for my analysis. The longer term picture is not as grim as it was previously. Things may be improving.
However, we are in a short term top right now.

27th November
The long term trend is up.
For KLSE, July, August, September is sideways movement, but instead of turning down, it continues its up move.

However for Nasdaq, I don't see where this is coming from yet. Individual analysis of Cisco, Intel, etc. shows that the the trend is down even though the index itself is up. Perhaps some other sectors are pushing it up.

Don't forget to analyze the individual stock chart you are trading.

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