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Welcome to my New Web page, its been a while, and  glad to be back, Iam a working male , 35 , and in long term relationship, (female) I would like to make a page that appeals to everyone, so , check it out, hopefully You will keep checking in on Great Links, Current News, and just  plain fun.
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oh, I also wanted to remind everyone on earth that the internet was suppossed to be free. and they are building a commericalized empire on a information shareing network that can never truely be "secure", without re-writeing DOS/Windows, itself.  so I ask that we all stand up for the original idea.  Thank you.
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also, may i ask, if you pay for a song, download it, lose it, because after all, it is data, something that can be corrupted, erased, or just plain lost, are you able to keep the song forever, or if the server of the song went down, and they had no record, you would have to pay again, for the song. and how many times will servers go down? after all. they are machines. and machines break down. sooner or later. so how do we address this?
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