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Konichiwa to all that come. This site was made by Rujikin Himura. This site is dedicated to Inuyasha Chat/RP. It is a place where people can come and chat all day long. This is also a fan site, Meaning you can send in many things you create just look in the Send in Fan Work section

URGENT-Inuyasha Dimensions is now accepting all anime fanart and will continue to accept all Inuyasha fanart.


I have been hearing rumors that Inuyasha will have a series 2... I don't think it will be made by the maker of the original Inuyasha, how it is based off of magna, but will be a purely anime series.

These are just rumors and nothing is offical.


Good news finally I have watched the final Epi and it DOESN'T END THE SERIES it cuts off just like any episode but says the journey will continue on till they defeat Naraku  ^_^ It doesn't end crappy but I suspect if it is continued on it will be by another company not the original one

Click this to go to the forums and see a topic on the final epi






Current American News

Movies 1 and 2 American Release Dates

The first Inuyasha movie, "Affections Touching Across Time", will be released on DVD in the US on September 7th. The second movie, yet to be given an official English title, will be released on DVD on December 28th.

Fourth Movie Title and Information

Following Shounen Sunday's announcement, the official site has seen a make-over and some new information, including the following plot information: "The island controlled by four demon gods, Hourai-jima. Suddenly appearing is a girl who knows Inuyasha: Ai. Unchanged for fifty years, what is this girl's secret? When the cursed seal rises, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's newest battle begins!" There are a few new images but no new trailer, although the site promises new content on the 17th.

"Secret of the Cursed Mask" Release

The PS2 RPG, "Juso no Kamen" or "Secret of the Cursed Mask" is set to be released in the US on November 8th. The game will be English-dubbed by the TV series cast

Movie 4 Page Updated

Well, since this is the official start of the pre-release for movie 4, the official site has been revamped to include the movie poster and more story information (no new trailer yet, though). The new plot information still isn't very informative, but mentions that Hourai island was populated by humans and youkai who lived in harmony, got destroyed by outsiders, and now some hanyou kids from the island are coming to Inuyasha for help. And Sesshoumaru's in it because his dad told him to be.

New Domestic Action Figures from Toynami

Toonami has acquired the license to make Inuyasha action figures. Series 1 will include Inuyasha and Kagome, and will come out in June at a retail price of $13.00. Series 2 will include Sesshoumaru and Kikyou, and will be released at an unspecified later date.

Anime Books

Viz will begin releasing the Inuyasha anime books starting in February, with five issues planned to be released in 2004. Anime books are basically like full-color comics that use screencaptures from the episodes as their panels. Suggested retail price is $11.95.

The news deserves full credit to Inu Goya

^_^ This was made by Nozomi

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