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October 24th 2003- Well its been a month people but I did something, yeah. I'm having trouble with my old computer and thats the one hooked up to the internet, but I'll have internet on my new one soon enough I just need some more money. Once I get my new computer hooked up then it'll all be good and I'll actualy have time to work on the site. Anyway, in other news I'm starting a new Clan called Army of Xenocide and its a gamer clan. Not just a CS or TFC clan, just an all around gamer clan. I do want to play in CAL or something but that will come in time, until then I just hope to get some gamers to join. If you want to join e-mail me at and you can chat with me and Alexi, or you can message me on aim, my name is BananaWarriorFF.
Well thats about it for now, until the next update.
September 24th 2003- Well I added an Asuran banner/sig I made you can check it out in the Photoshop area. There should be more updates later today seeing as I have no band tonight.
September 17, 2003- Well I'm hella bored. So here it is, the REAL hitler. looks like the Zabi family has been around longer than we thought. Anyway, I really need to do more work with photoshop stuff. Check out the photoshop area to see what I do have us and look around there have been a few updates the past few days. I'll be adding more soon, I had a report to do today and we had a week but I put it off and its due tomorrow plus I have senior pictures today so who knows if anything will get done today. I'm in my computers class right now so booooyaaaa! Yup, keep checkin in n stuff.
Gundam is a trademark of Bandai or something like that, I'll make this more formal later. All the pictures on this site belong to their owners no matter if the owner is me or you it belongs to its owner, there I said it.