The Webpage of Zephiniah Jones
Who I Am and What I Do:

I'm Zephiniah Jones and my primary hobby is wargaming. Since I was twelve, I've been involved in the wargaming hobby. Originally, I was a Warhammer player, but the internet revealed a new game to me called De Bellis Antiquitatis. With a far smaller number of figures required than the Warhammer brand, and a way to fight the battles of history, I was sold. So, plastic soldiers from HaT and Italeri in hand, I set about creating this website and a number of armies.

The Armies:

Republican Romans (II/10 Camillan Romans)

1x3 Cv (Gen)
1x 3Cv
3x 4Bd
5x 4Sp
2x 2Ps

Gauls (II/11 Gallic)

1x 3Wb (Gen)
2x 3Cv
8x 3Wb
1x 2Ps


Conquest of Italy