<BGSOUND SRC="http://www.oocities.com/zephrius_ophiuchus/Astral_Shine_DJ_TMDA.mp3">
Astral Shine - TMDA
Baboon - TMDA
Destroy - TMDA
New Site! http://tmda.databit101.com
Please feel free to download and distribute these mp3's I created with Fruity Loops 3 and Sonic Foundry ACID 1.0a.
They contain explicit lyrics and copyrighted material, though not my own so I can't sell them. I labeled them .mp2 becuase mp3's are blocked by many companies firewalls such as mine at Hilton Corporate. If you can not play the music I may have exeeded the miniscule bandwidth they allow on geocities or your computer may be confused by the mp2 extension. If so just download and rename .mp3

I have like 20 other songs I can't find room to publish on teh interweb. Let me know if you are interested in hearing them. I can always FTP them or mail you a cd or you might be able to find them on Kazaa searching audio for TMDA.
I'm currently looking for a record label and stuff.
Do teh email: zephrius_ophiuchus@yahoo.com
Do teh aim: Alchemist Zeph
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Zephrius Ophiuchus