Zephyr's Lair

Myths of the Dragonlords

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here." -Dante's Inferno

Welcome! To a work in progress.
Zephyr's Lair is a journey into the land of myths and legends.
For now, it will be a good source of links to dragons and other mythical beasties.

Dragon Ring Links

Zephyr's Lair Tripod
Zephyr's Lair Three-Cybertown in 3D!
Zephyr's Lair-Folksites
Zephyr's Lair Five-Angelfire
Nono Nanette's Boudoir in VRML

As this site grows there will be links added to Cybertown in VRML. The land of the Dragonlords will be rendered in 3D and hopefully become part of World Gate One.
Also, I will continue to add links to my favorite places and othe sites that have to do with dragons, griffins, mythology etc.

If you have any suggestions of sites to be added, please e-mail them to me.
And return often to see how this grows.


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Zephyr's Lair
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