Howdy guys. Thanks for stopping by. This page is a supplement to my Magic Online Trading League Have/Want list which you can access HERE. At this site i am listing every Magic: The Gathering card i own and every card i would like. Take a look around and if you see something i have that you want let me know and we can work out a trade of some kind. Trading Rules are listed at the link to the left. If you would like to trade with me you can post on my H/W list on MOTL or the guestbook(located that bottom of this page) here or you can just send me an email. But if we trade aside from MOTL, please be kind enough to sign the guestbook and give me a truthful review so that others can see that I AM fair. Thanks a lot you guys. Take a look around and enjoy.
Trade Rules
Other Trading

1/27- Ok today im making progress with the list. Its getting done. I put in all reds so im happy about that. Tomorrow i plan on putting in green. Today i also posted my non-magic trading. I hope at least someone out there likes football cards. I sure do.

4/23- Ok its been awhile but im getting this place done. I have all Rares completed now and the Homelands haves too. Im going to try to continue to update the list and make sure the wants and needs are up to date. Keep checking back.

5/14- Updated a bit of the stuff but not everything yet. But i swear ill get around to it. But hell its not like but one person has been here yet anyways so no worries.