Hello, my name is Kera and I am a 16 year old fembot from Evansville, Indiana. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I am about 5'9. I listen to rock.metal.punk.grunge.alternative music, and a few of my favorites are Ozzy, Alice in Chains, and Led Zeppelin. I am a student at Bosse High School, and I am a Junior. My webpage is currently under construction, so if you would, please check back at another time. I will have more things up as the time passes.
Yes there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, There's still time to change the road you're on...-Led Zeppelin(Stairway To Heaven)
                    :: Bands I listen to::
Ozzy         Pink Floyd     Seven Mary 3
Alice In Chains    Metallica  Staind
Led Zeppelin     Lynyrd Skynyrd
GNR     Disturbed       Judas Priest
Poison       Motley Crue    Kid Rock
Nazereth     Head East     KoRn
Foghat  Boston   AC/DC         Chevelle
Aerosmith       Black Sabbath     Seether
KISS     Blind Melon     Godsmack          Slipknot             Styx 
Def Leppard           Powerman 5000
      Cinderella           Nirvana
   Great White            Warrant
        White Zombie   Puddle of Mudd
       Rob Zombie              Alice Cooper
    Incubus    RHCP     Journey   STP
Movie-Dazed and Confused
Actor-Miko Hughes, Rory Cochrane
Actress-Heather Langenkamp, Jaime Lee Curtis, & Judy Garland
Song-No More Tears/Stairway To Heaven/All Alice In Chains
Quote-Check ya later'
Food-Lo Mein
Place 2 raise hell-Mall of course, ;)
Store in the mall-Hot Topic, Icing
Class-Passing Period, lol
Place to go-Anywhere but home
MmMmMmMiko! Miko Hughes is the greatest damn actor....period.
RIP Shannon Hoon