Ramm Blackthorne
Caste of Warriors
City of Treve


I don't remember the parents of my birth.
I only know and remember one man as my father His name was Jarlus Blackthorne.
He found Me when I was but an infant still cuddled in the arms of my dead mother. my father's body not far away. We had been attacked by outlaws. At least that is what I was told. Jarlus was a man originally of Urth. He was brought to Gor and eventually became  of the Red Caste. He would not tell Me much of his past.
But back to Me. I was brought back to His home at the foot of the Voltai mountains.His slave dina nursed me and was the only mother I really ever  knew.
Being this close to the mountains I watched the Tarnsmen of Treve as a boy disappearing into the moutain range many times. I had dreamed of finding them and being one of them. Jarlus taught Me the ways of honorable combat the skill of Tarn riding as well as the law of the land. When I was a teenage boy Jarlus died of old age.My nursemother dina was so heartbroken she  grieved herself to death. Alone again,  I took off on My own .
In My many travels I resided in few places preferring to wander. I served as First sword of Port Kar for a time as well crossing the mighty Thassa to take the same postion on the island of Tyros. I have broken bread with outlaws and Ubars alike: but nothing would compare to My thrill as I traveled back to the Voltai and finally found  the mysterious raiding City of Treve.
As it turned out Jarlus had known the mighty Rask of Treve. But now Rask had grown old .Even stability serum could no longer help him avoid death. Upon his death a contest was held by the warriors in Treve I entered using the skills I was taught I bested some of the best swords they had to offer and when the dust settled I assumed command. Treve is now and always will be My home.