I started collecting Britney Spears items back when she first came out. The first Britney items I ever bought were two posters from K-mart. Her debut album  ...baby one more time  was a christmas gift and it all started from there. I have been collecting Britney Spears items for many years. I mainly collect promotional items now. Inside you'll see my Britney Spears Collection.
I don't really know when I started collecting South Park items but I know it really took off in 2003. My first South Park plush was a talking Butters I got at Samgoody with my friend LeAnn. My second plush was Tweek from ebay. After that the packages were coming in three a day, so I lost track lol. Inside you'll see my South Park Collection.
I have been collecting Garfield items since I was a baby. My first Garfield was one my mom gave me when I was little from when she was little. I usally pick up any Garfields I see at the store but I don't hunt for them on places like ebay. Most of my Garfields are flea market finds. They are more special to me that way. Inside you'll see my Garfield Collection.
I just recently got back into Star Wars with the release of Star Wars Episode 3. I became a fan of Star Wars in 1999 with the release of Star Wars Episode 1. I collect all sorts of Star Wars items, mainly of Queen Amidala.  Inside you'll see my Star Wars collection.
Hi I'm Kevin and these are just 4 of my many different collections. I really hope you enjoy my website. Don't forget to sign my Guestbook.
To Contact Me, Email Me At: Zeppo616@yahoo.com
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