Welcome to my site !!! - January 23, 2006
Welcome to my House Site! As you can all tell -if you've ever seen me around LiveJournal- I'm very obsessed with House. I ship House/Cameron very hardcore.
I've been wanting to put my House fic on a site for a while but I've never gotten around to it. Now I have gotten time and I hope you all like my site.

Not everything is up yet so be patient with me. This is my main project right now so things should be up shortly.
Right now, Ruined is up, and Delicate is up. Pushed is coming soon, as well as my Scars House/Cameron ficathon entry, Lyrics and the Gallery.

FYI: as far as I know, all links will open in the same window.

Update 1/25/2006: Added my H/C Scars Ficathon Entry to My House Fic

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I hope you enjoy my site & my House Fiction.