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03 - 15 - 2k3 - W00t...an update.. the world rejoyces. ive been too lazy on this. but i should get some work done now. And no. i dont have my hair dyed any more. u_u
02 - 02 - 2k3 - For now my site is in shambles...i tried to make it a bit more orginized....but it killed it instead... ill try to fix it soon.
01 - 09 -2k3 - Happy New Year all. Ive added my First Comic! WOO HOO!. also coming soon. im gonna add pictures of what i did to my hair. my birthday was monday the 6th so my parents let me dye my hair. its now black with a purple X. :3
12 - 30 -2k2 - Ive Added the Page about Zeed. that'll give you something else to look at for now. Im going to add some more stuff about him later...and i'm making some plans to turn it into a comic. As well as another one. :3 i know ive said that before about other stuff but I might just be able to pull this one. thats all for now. the next thing i might do is ask Suketchi how to get a guest book to see if anyone is actually reading this....
12-22-2k2 - I have made some additions... I have put something in the artwork section, ive added a link, and ive made some hidden messages :3 they really serve no purpose, but its kinda fun. thats all for now. ill try to work a bit harder to add more.
i know theres not much here, but its a start. Im mainly going to use this site as an excuse for putting up my drawings. But im also going to have some other anime related stuff on here as well. I know im using the same font and background, but I am Focusing on Getting everything up and running. After this is done I will fine Tune Everything. Thank you for visiting.
This is for emi. HUZZAHH!!!!!
And you Lurker...i have your christmas present on the way:3 it involves Hoover. bwahahaha....ahem...
oh look. t-bone's in college.
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