This SLASH(boy & boy) list is about fanfics than involve human-animal transformations, doesn´t matter if its because a potion, animagi, spells, inheritance... anything. it just has to have some influence in the story.

This is a mainly Harry Potter list, but i can accept from other series if you send me.

if you wrote or know about this type of fics just send me the link to and i´ll upload it

be the way, thanks to all the ones who help me with the list.
TO:  frankie, kris, lazygenius07, Millie Johnson, Fire Angel, Deliolith, Kah778
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This archive is about Slash fanfics, don´t like don´t enter.
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important: i do NOT ask for the authors permision to upload links to their stories, because this is NOT a fanfic archive, this is just a list, these are LINKS to their fics or sites, if someone wants me to take off their fic link  just ask me so, i will do it.