The Yellow Dart  

K this forum is more of me asking you guyz questions for the WAR game.  If you still
haven't seen the WAR game, go to  OK so without
further adue, the questions.

	1) How many times a day should I update the site? I orignially planned to do it
3 or 4 times, but then it came to my attention that those without internet connection
at home will get gipped (jipped? how you spell that?).  No now I'm thinking probably 2
times a day so we don't totally rip off some people, and that others who want to play a
lot, can, kindof.
	2) What future races should I have?  After every game is done with and finished,
I am going to try to improve the WAR game, making a better version of it.

	3) What type of game should the first WAR game be?  I was thinking of all out
annihalation, but then that brings up the problem of when it gets down to the last few
people, the weaker, and faster people run away from the stronger, and slower, FOREVER.
I DO NOT want this to happen.  So I can either make a rule that if you do that, towards
the end of the game, you automatically blow up, or we could make a different type of game,
like capture the flag.

Well, that's about it.  I'll add more questions later, but until I think of some, keep 


Man, their isn't much stuff here...