WAR Game Rules

Note that ALL these rules are subject to change, and that I might even change the rules 
DURING game play, as this is a Beta version of the game.  Another note, I want this game
to be VERY flexible, meaning that if you want to do something (say set fire to a tree,
then have an archer shoot through the flaming trees), ask me and I'll think about it (and
I'll probably do it too, cuz that'd be awesome!!!)


	This game is quite a bit like chess, except each piece is controlled by a 
different person.  Anywhere from once to five times a day, I will update the game, meaning
you get a turn.  Right now I'm only gonna do two turns a day, so people who don't have
computers at home will get a more fair chance.  The times will be right when I get home 
from school (about 5:00), and right before I go to bed (about 9:00), but after the first
damage has been dealt, then I will only be updating ONCE a day, to make it more fair
towards those who don't have internet at their homes.  You willhave to email me your 
turns, so please indicate what time of day the turn is for. I won'talways get around to 
updating EVERY day, because I do have something of a life, so if yousee I haven't updated 
the first time, please don't send me two turns for the day.  I'llmake a thing that tells 
the last time I updated it so you don't have this problem.  Whenreferring to distance of 
spaces, for example 4 spaces away, this does not include thespace your unit is in.

P.S. You CAN give me "continuous turns" where you tell me to move you towards a space over
a period of time, or tell me to do the same move over and over again, like attacking.


	In THIS game, the object is to get to the other team's flag, pick it up, and 
bring it back to your teams' flag.  There will be more games with different rules, but 
this one is capture the flag. If your flag is taken, but the person who was carrying gets 
killed, the flag is dropped on the ground where the person died.  If the team who owns 
the flag picks it up, it moves back to its starting spot.
	To pick up a flag, you must be touching it horizontally/vertically.  You do not get to attack or move the turn you pick up the flag.  After you have picked up the flag, it will slow your movement by 1 square per turn.


	To move, you will tell me the path would like to follow, using the Letter and 
Number grids across the top and left side of the board.  For example:  
	move a2, a3, b3, b4  
You cannot move through enemy units, but you can move through friendly units.  No two 
units can ever be in the same spot at the same time.  If you try to do this, I will move 
you as far as you can move, then stop you when it would break the rules to go any 
farther.  You cannot move onto (or through) trees or water, but you can on dirt and 
bridges.  If you try to move to a place you CANT, I'll pretend like it was an accident, 
and I'll just not move you that turn.
	CANNOT move diagonally.
	Different units have a different number of moves:
		Paladins = 4 moves
		Archers = 3 moves
		Soldiers = 2 moves
		Wizards = 2 moves


	This is a MAJOR part of the game, since you are supposed to kill enemy units in 
order to reach your goal, the flag.  Attacking will take place BEFORE moving, so it will 
be hit and run, instead of run and hit.  This actually makes it physically possible to 
attack, because if you think about it, itd be pretty darn hard to attack someone if you 
didnt know where they were moving too.  So attacking first.  Thus if I took the moving 
example from above, it would now go like this:
	attack wizard at a1, move a2, a3, b3, b4
	CANNOT attack diagonally, only those right above and below you (unless you're an 
archer, see below)
	Different units have different attacks spaces.
		Soldiers = Attacks touching spaces
		Paladins = Attacks touching spaces
		Archers = Attacks 3 squares away in a horizontal or vertical direction, 
or 1 square in a diagonal direction, or 2 squares over a tree
		Wizards = Attacks touching spaces
	Each unit has different attack power:
		Soldier = 45 damage
		Paladin = 30 damage
		Archer = 30 damage
		Wizard = 20 damage
	Archers can shoot over water.  Same with wizards Flameball.
	If you do not take your turn, but you get attacked, I will have you automatically
attack back.


	Units can use spells or abilities instead of their attack (before they move) on 
each turn.  Spells require mana, but abilities do not.  Here is the description of some 
	Wizard: (spells)
		Thundershock = Deals 35 damage to all enemies touching your space, 
including diagonally; each armor adds to the damage dealt, instead of subtracting
from it; 40 mana
		Flameball = Deals 100 damage to an enemy within 2 spaces, or destroys a 
tree; 40 mana
		Water shield = Gives you 3 extra armor for this turn and the next 2 turns;
20 mana; "W" will appear on unit.
		Wind walk = Adds 3 moves to your speed this turn; 15 mana
	Paladin: (spells)
		Heal = Restores 50 life (or up to their max life)
to a friendly unit, you are touching, including diagonally; 15 mana, and if 
you keep doing the spell on the same unit, it only costs 10 mana per turn after that.
		Resurrection = Brings a friendly dead unit back to life with half life 
and half mana, takes 3 consecutive turns; 50 mana; dead bodies stay around for 3 turns.
	Soldier: (abilities)
		Chop down tree = Takes one turn.  Chops down one tree, that you are 
touching directly, making it passible.
	Archer: (abilities)
		Deadly aim = Makes the archer hold still for one turn, then any turn
after that as long as the archer hasnt moved, the archer can release the arrow 4 spaces
(2 diagonally) away for 40 damage; "D" will appear on unit.

Diagonal Rule

	If you want, you can shoot (or cast a spell) in a diagonal direction; it counts
as 2 normal spaces; this makes it so you can combine diagonal and normal shots.


	Wizards and Paladins require mana to cast spells.  Every turn, Paladins restore 
5 mana;  Wizards restore 3 mana every turn they cast a spell, and 10 mana every turn
they don't.
	Wizards = 100 mana
	Paladins = 50 mana

	When your life reaches 0, you die.  The only way to come back is if a friendly 
paladin resurrects you.  Different units have different life:
	Soldier = 400 life
	Paladin = 300 life
	Archer = 300 life
	Wizard = 200 life


	Armor will block a random amount of damage.  I will roll the number of die that
you have armor to see how much it blocks.  This is the range of damage armor can block:
	Soldier = 3 armor(3-18 damage blocked)
	Paladin = 2 armor(2-12 damage blocked)
	Archer = 1 armor(1-6 damage blocked)
	Wizard = 0 armor(0 damage blocked)


	Every kill you get gives you 100 experience.  You can choose where to focus the
	+25 life max costs 25 exp.
	+25 mana max costs 25 exp. (soldier and archer can't get)
	+1 mana regeneration per turn costs 25 exp. (soldier and archer can't get)
	+1 armor costs 25 exp.
	+1 range costs 25 exp. (archer only)
	+5 damage costs 25 exp.
	These are just for starters.  I'll raise/lower the costs of each after we get some
testing done...

    Source: geocities.com/zera555