The Yellow Dart  

Hmmm... this one's a hard one for me, mainly because, you may know my two most favorite
games in the world are Starcraft and Zelda.  If you haven't played either (and I highly
suggest you do) Starcraft is a Sci-Fi game, while Zelda is all about Fantasy.  And if I 
was to move on to my next favorite games, it doesn't help either, as Diablo and Warcraft 
are Fantasy, while my favorite shooters, Perfect Dark and Time Splitters 2, are Sci-Fi!  
I mostly like Sci-Fi because it has virtually no limit to its possibilities, for example
space goes on forever, and there's always highly advanced technology, like space ships
and guns.  Oh yeah.  And then there's always aliens.  But I think if I HAD to choose 
between them, I think I'd have to say Fantasy.  I've always liked the idea of being able
to cast magical spells, or creating huge armies of swordsmen, archers, and knights.
Fantasy usually has the best RPG's too, because you can be lots of different classes (as
mentioned above).  And in place of aliens, there are always elves, orcs, dwarves, trolls,
ogres, gnomes, and the boring ol' humans. There's more to say, but I'm sure everyone else
will say it, as I'm guessing more people will go with Fantasy than Sci-Fi on this one.
But Sci-Fi is still AWESOME.

	Ultra Disk

sci-fi all the way man.  The super duper high tech photoplasmic proton neutronitic 
pulsating lazer tazers could blast the most powerful wizard to SMITHERINES!!!  Actually I 
see good and bad in both.  The thing I like the most about most Fantasy is the down to 
earth good nature feel.  Sci Fi is generally cold and dark.  But I like electronics and 
robots quite a bit more than Fairies and dancing elf men that look like girls.

	Megan Sorenson

i love fantasy.  i loooooooooooooooooooooooooove it. i love love love love love it.  it 
is so muych good.  i thinhk is awesome.  you are awesome, too.  whoever you are, you are 
awesome. never forget it.  you are so awesome that i looooooooooooooooooooove you.  i 
love love love love love you.  and i think my aly is awewome tot the is so wonderful. shes 
so awesome.  well, we are having a sleepover.  i'm sooo excited. and i just can't hide it. 
i know, i know, i know, i know you want me, you want me...lalalal....something 
something....anyway, its is os awesome.  i mean, lotr is fantasy.  need i say more?  
but,. ender's game and star wars are scvifi.  ouch.  my opoinionis failing.  i think 
tha0ey are both awesome.  i love them bothe.  i think i like the romantic rfeel of 
fantasy a little bit  omore than the nerdy feel of scifi.  makes sense?  i hpe so... i 
mean not to offencd....i just speak my mine!

	The Random Spotter

I have to agree with Ultra Disk about the cold feel of Sci-fi, and the warming nature of 
Fantasy.  Fantasy always centers around adventure and strategy, which always makes you 
feel all powerful.  I also like the nose to nose fighting in Fantasy because it has more 
of a war-like feel, none of this sniping miles away like a can of dog meat.  Well, 
sniping IS fun, but not for both sides of the competition.  the equal distanced fighting 
is best, when both sides feel the thrill of the chance to win, and no one's popping your 
head off from nowhere with a lima bean sniper-rifle.  Yeah, if sniper rifles weren't all 
so cheap and annoying (as I can make them), I could get used to the toe to toe nuclear 
shotgun battles in Half-life and Time-Splitters.  Come to think of it, prancing elfs and 
gay fairies do make me sick, though.  As long as there's none of those, Fantasy will have 
to be my answer.

	That Blue Thing 

I hate to go with the majority but fantisy is just awsome.  I like Sci-Fi alot to but 
lots of time they are really weird and stuff.  I have been a huge Star Wars fan my whole 
life and it has taken alot to admit that LOTR is better then Star Wars.  Sci-Fi could be 
awsome if some one would make the battles in it as grand as in LOTR ya know with all 
those hi tech guns and stuff that would be cool.  But fantisy will always have a speacial 
place for me.(I hate Mario and Luigi)


Depends... If your talking lord of da rings, FANTASY, but if u r talkin ender's game, 


Fantasy is can be a better, but usually ends up kinda cheesy. The same can be true for 
Sci-Fi but it's easier to make Sci-Fi not so cheesy. However, I think that Fantasy has 
greater potential for coolness than Sci-Fi!!! The Sassmaster is Sassin up a storm.