Kyle is by far the best of the two

	The Yellow Dart  

I disagree. I think I am better than both of them.

	The Random Spotter

Kyle vs. Kyle-  Hmm... I've always preferred the latter Kyle over the other Kyle.  
Then again, Kyle is a cool name, so I'll have to go with the first Kyle.  The Latter Kyle 
has much more style however, and this must be taken into account.  Yet, nothing can stop 
the first Kyle's coolness from coming into debate.  So... overall, I'll have to go with 


Oh Yea random spotter... YOU'RE FULL OF IT!!!. Kyle is the best of the two!!! And I won't 
change my mind........... [cough] [cough] [cash] [cough] 


I don't know... They're both pretty weird, and neither can balance a spoon on their nose... Any way, WHO CARES!!! All that anybody should know about this subject is that I, Rancidspam, sure can dance!!! Doo whop doo whop dee doo wha doo whop.

    Source: geocities.com/zera555