The Yellow Dart  

For this one, I'm going to have to side with Mario. I mean, who else has played
such a  major roll in Nintendo's history!?  Without Mario there would be no Donkey Kong
for NES,  and without Donkey Kong for NES there would be no Super Mario Brothers 1 2 & 3,
and without  Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo would be a completely different thing!  And 
without the  Super Mario Brothers games' great successes, who's to say Nintendo would 
have gone on?   What if Nintendo simply collapsed after seeing they couldn't create any 
successful games,  because they couldn't think up the wonderful character of Mario?  This 
brings up another  interesting topic.  If Mario was never created, where would Luigi come 
in?  A person who  does not exist can not have a brother, so Luigi would still be floating 
out there in the  Great Void, if it wasn't for Mario.  I'll leave it at this, and I know 
most people will  say, "But... but... Luigi is cool!".  Yes I agree with you. Luigi is 
awesome, but I still  believe Mario is cooler, mainly because he is the heart of Nintendo.
And 'cuz he rocks on  Super Smash Brothers Melee.

	Oh, Some Animal Died. Marzipan, Marzipan

okay, this is easy. hands down luigi.  for starters, mario is a fatty.  plus, everything 
is named after mario. he is so overrated.  luigi is a hotty and that's all there is to 
it.  he has the attitude, the ability, and the charm.  need i say more?  mario may be the 
head honcho, but luigi knows how to win a woman's heart. they may be brothers, but they 
are NOT in the same league.

	That Blue Thing

I hate both those fools especially in super smash brothers they are the most annoying 
little plumber freaks I have ever seen (and i have seen alot).  We should not be 
discussing which is better but which one to destroy 1st! and how to torture them! 

	Ultra Disk

Luigi was always too Lurpy lookin for me to really like.  He has an overgrown head and 
really short legs.  Whereas Mario is more evenly proportioned.  In addition, mario is 
fat, so you've got to hand it to him that the princess loves him.  There must something 
really great about him, that surpases the importance of looks. 

	Megan Sorenson

i mean, really, i do like you, just not bery altoo. i gong to typw without fixing my 
errors, so whe'll see how it goes.  by the way my alias is is megan sorenson becaue i'm 
sasssuming that an alias is likea n aly, and she's the best one i've got.  i'm katy, by 
the way.  well, okay, i have a crush on luigi, so that s all.  mario doesn't compare.  
i've hears some way thaat mario is the mother of nes, but i tink he's nut. his aly's 
name is the yellow dart.  he smells.  the 's the one tbat should be put to death, oh aly 
of the blue thing. that's right, aly of the blue thing.  he's the one who would be put to 
death.  luigit is tall and skiniky. that means he's hot.  he is so cute!  also, me and me 
aly haven't been on dates for a long time ad we don't know why!  i eidh z9e(woh don't you 
hate it when ytour fingers aren't placed properly on the keyboard and you accidentally 
type "i eidh z9e!") i whish luigit whould ask me ona  date.....

	The Random Spotter

Luigi Rocks!  

First of all, he is taller!  A plumber that is much more vertically amassed than 
horizontally (as Mario pretty much is.  Did you check Mario in Mario 64????  His waist 
was like a blimp!) would stand better chance defeating forces of evil.  Major 
proof-in-action of this is in the Super Mario World 2, where Luigi can jump twice as high 
as Mario, and who wouldn’t disagree jumping high gets you places!  Mario, however, must 
take the elevators, just like the dungeons of the first Mario Bros. 

Second of all, Mario’s such a dunce that Luigi has to look out for him all the time.  
Luigi rescued Mario with his geographic smarts when he starred in Mario is Missing, and 
yet again in Luigi’s Mansion  What kind of ironically foolish bum like Mario makes a job 
of saving people (namely princesses), and ends up being saved himself by his brother!? 
TWICE!?!  I’d hire Luigi to save the Princess next time.

Last of all would be Luigi’s style.  I like his down-to-earth attitude-his style of 
mustache (Mario’s is too ruffled, looks like someone took a bite outta his face.)-his 
cool, tall stance…  He could only be cooler with shades and a pair of UZI’s in his tight 
fists… Mario, in other words, would look like a lawn gnome with rubber batons if you did 
that.  Luigi simply makes things look cooler.  His poses are also way cool in the Smash 
Melee battle endings.  I mean, who doesn’t like a totally random and cool guy?

Obviously, Luigi wins.

	The Yellow Dart

Yah, lol, I like Luigi's end battle stance things too, on Super Smash Bros. Melee.  But
Mario could waste Luigi in that game anyday.  And I think their mustaches look the
same.  So I'm still goin' with the Fat Man.


As much as I care to root for the underdog, I'm afraid that Mario is going to win. Some 
of you may very well be shocked by this bold statement... after all, Luigi is taller, has 
longer arms, and can jump higher. In spite of all of these advantages, Mario has always 
been the most successful of the two. This can be accredited to several things, the first 
of which is that he has more experience fighting than his younger brother. Second: Mario 
is infamous for eating "Mushrooms" or "Shrooms". These drugs have a spinich effect on 
Mario giving him super human strength. The third is that he has a hot babe backing him 
up. Finally, he is short and fat (and the short, fat guy always wins right?) With all of 
these working to Mario's advantage he'll never lose. Sorry Luigi.


Luigi all da way!!! I rest my case.