The Yellow Dart  

Clearly the answer is peanut butter, my dear boy!  Not only can you make a fabulous
peanut butter and honey sandwich with it, but you can make a plain ol' peanut butter
sandwich!  Or, there's always my personal favorite of sticking a knife in the jar, and
licking it right off!  Quite unhealthy, y'know, but you can feel the protein as you 
swallow it.  And DON'T forget peanut butter cookies.  MMMMM MMMMMMM


JELLY cause it has a million more uses, such as on toast, in a sandwich, smearing on your 
brother's face, as toothpaste and as deodorant!!!

	The Yellow Dart

Yes my good AKA, but can you make Jelly cookies?!? (well I guess you could... uuuggghh...)
... I think I'm going to invent peanut butter & jelly deodorant ...


I think that Peanut butter can kick jellies butt. Peanut butter has a million and 
fifty-two thousand uses... but what can you do with jelly??? The answer: Eat it with 
peanut butter!!! 

	The Random Spotter

PB vs. J- Jelly's my fav.  Yah, Peanut butter's healthy and all that, but Jelly is WAY 
more healthy! 'Cause it's made after a fruit, ya know, and fruits are WAY better than 
meats, because you need more of fruits each day and all, so therefore it would be 
healthier to have more jelly than peanut butter.  Jelly also tastes sweet! Not that tacky 
PB that makes talking a chore, and alas, even sometimes glues teeth together!  So, in 
finality of conclusion, I will go on and on listing reasons why Jelly is the king: -Jelly 
on toast! -Jelly up your nose causes less problems than PB up your nose. -Jelly is more 
comparative to 'Toe Jam' while PB is more alike a certain form of waste. (ahem) -Jelly 
can be used as WD-40 solution -peanuts don't taste good alone, must be salted or 
butterfied, while Jelly in it's natural form (fruit) always tastes great! -Jelly is 
always smooth and slick, but peanut butter sometimes has to be chunky and sticky. (not 
the type of description I'd like to hire a Secret Agent) -Jelly comes in a variety of 
flavors!  -you can see through jelly, and it shines more than PB. -Jelly can almost 
replace finger jello.  -Hot, crossed buns taste greater with Jelly on them.  -90% of ants 
in every anthill prefer Jelly over PB.  -Old jelly doesn't give me headaches like old PB 
does.  -Jelly doesn't have as much cholesterol as PB. -Peanuts can have little Santa 
Clause heads if you open them just right... wait-a-minute... Scratch that last one.  -I'd 
rather bathe in Jelly than Peanut butter. -Jelly's got that lovin' feelin'.  -jelly can 
improve your grip on things.  -Jelly is made easiest homemade (and tastes great!)  -Jelly 
smells better than PB.  -"It (jelly) just tastes better"  -Jelly starts with J, also the 
first letter of my name.  -Jelly is short and easier to type than Peanut Butter. -Jelly 
can be sucked through straws.  -jelly can be thrown with much ease.  -Jelly is not 
nicknamed after any kinds of medicinal shots, like the "Peanut Butter" shot.