The Yellow Dart  

ROCKETS ALL THE WAY MAN!!! No having to bounce little balls of metal off of walls, and
wait for 10 seconds for them to blow!!!  NO SIREE.  I whip around a corner, aim at my
prey's feet, and make them fly high into the sky!!!

	That Blue Thing 

Well ya know Rockets are alot better.  Just a fact I they go strait and far.  How do you 
aim with a grenade luncher.  but grenade lunchers are funnier some times but my answer is 
still rockets

	The Random Spotter

I guess that this depends on what game I'm playing.  For example, Half-Life. I'd go for 
those grenade launching rifles.  I love their impact explosions and the fact it doubles 
as a rifle.  The rocket launchers suck though.  they take about a minute to reach their 
target, leaving you open to get shot and blown up by grenade launchers.  Any other game, 
however, rocket launchers definitely rule.  The grenade launcher's timed explosions 
really suck, and anyone can see and back away, so it becomes just as useful as chucking 
grenades by hand.  If only all grenade launchers were impact, they would be my pick. 


I don't know what you bafoons are talking about. The only weapon in any game that's worth 
it's meat is the unarmed fists. I don't care if you've got a snier rifle pointed at the 
other guys face, as soon as you see his fists a-flyin your gonna piss  yourself whith 
dread. Am I not right??? 


Rockets. They're way more accurate.