Due to some recent events and a large number of inactive members (basically everyone except a select few, 6 or 7 people at most), my view on certain people has changed, resulting in my and a few other member's decision to shut down Omni Force.

Please check back with me later as a new, better organization may have formed but it will be much harder to get into this time, so don't count on getting in unless you are a good personal friend of mine or have had a character in the DC version of PSO worthy of being mentioned (level 100+). I'm sorry to my previous friends and guildmates that were in Omni Force with me, but I think that is was for the benefit of everyone in Omni Force to shut it down, giving a new opportunity for previous members to join new organizations/clans/guilds. Feel free to email me at zerex9@hotmail.com

I'm sorry, but not regretful,