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Takari's King of Fighters Gallery Stop!


Welcome! This is my first time making ever such a website! I'm so excited!

I wonder who is your favourite character. For me, the guy is K' and the gal will be Athena!

Policy: Most of the images displayed here are borrowed from various acknowledged websites. Please do not take them without any permission! As for those that were mine, you're free to have them on your webpage with a link back to my site. No graphics on any other pages of this website can be taken. I'm sorry but that is one way to make my website unique. Also, if you happen to stop here and (to your horror) that I do not credit you or use your images without your permission, kindly inform me immediately and tell me the picture number within whose gallery so that I can take appropriate action. Also, if you change your mind later that you do not want to display your picture, please email me and I will with no doubt remove them. AND, if I happen not to reply after a few months, please email me again, because I might not receive your message due to my flooded Inbox. Any inconvenience caused is regretted. Thank You.


02/09/03: Sorry for not updating for so~ long! Added quite a lot of KOF tests ^_~.

Disclaimer: I'm sure you know that I do not own King of Fighter. I definitely cannot create such heart-capturing characters. So don't sue me! You wouldn't get any KOF stuffs or benefits for suing!


Andy Athena: You live to hate? Oh, you sad man. Benimaru Blue Mary Iori: Scum... You're a waste of time! Joe Kim King  Kyo: You can't win by trickery, fool! Leona Mai: My 'little fan' means business! Maxima Robert Ryo: Know the power of Kyokusen! Seth Shingo: Yes! I won! Lucky me! Terry: Dream time's over! Smell the coffee! Vanessa




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