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by: Maria Zerissa P. Yulo

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Let’s add a whole lot more spice into your nightlife. The evening is not complete without a run down of our favorite “drinks” of the evening. We got a whole lot to offer, we’ve got our beers, cocktails/mixed drinks, mocktails, punches and a whole lot more. Let’s get started with the cheapest drink we have on the menu. Beers. Some would say we should be proud of our Filipino beer because it has a different unique taste. Yes, it does have a distinguishing taste from other beers. For those who like beer but not with the added calories it usually comes with, we got what is known as light beer and I quote from the San Miguel commercial, “Same taste, but less filling.” Let’s now go to the cocktails or mixed drinks. Here, the excitement never stops. There are names such as Sex on the Beach, Weng-Weng, Blowjob, Slammer, Bloody Mary and other variety of names. If you’re interested however to getting the spice without the added buzz. [Read the full article]


By: Alessandro Queri

It is a cold morning at six in the morning. Quiapo, this ancient behemoth lay in utter disorder after its fiesta, its struggle to sanctify a hopeless nation. And still it remains hopeless. Amidst the silence and the peace, I am still disturbed in the scenery. A lady rests her head on the gates of the church. A man told me that she was there the whole night praying. Indeed, it is to be pitied because if you think about it, what in the world could you pray for overnight? I mean, can’t it wait until tomorrow? Can’t it wait until the church opens? Can’t she pray for it in front of her altar at home? The man who is with me told me that there is tomorrow for pobres like them. I said to him: “Apparently for that woman, there is none.” Quiapo is a proof that the Filipino is running out of hope. Every fiesta, seem to tell the story to every generation. A lot of people step at each other, attacking in hordes, willing to kill each other for one touch of the Black Nazarene. They believe that it can heal, it can make them wealthy, that it could give their family the comfort they deserve. Would it make any difference? [Read the full article]

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