So.. some people have been telling me that I should make a webpage so my ramblings, cartoons, etc will be available to all 5 people who care. This is my first attempt at webpage-making, so.. eh..
Why is Richard Wagner preparing for a fight with Johannes Brahms?? Who is Hanslick??  Why does Brahms have a Santa cap on??  Shouldn't I have been writing more constructive things in my history notebook?? The answers to these and more inane questions can be found on this site.
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The Latest in When Telemarketers Attack (or maybe more appropriately) When I Attack Telemarketers (or even) Why DO They Call it a 'Courtesy Call' Anyway?
Telemarketer:   Hi, we're offering a select card for W&M students.
Me: What is it?
TM:  A visa with 2,000 credit line, and coupons toward plane tickets and no monthly or annual fees.
Me: Ah, that's ok. I already have four cards, two of them visas, and one with a 3,000 credit line.
TM:  this one has 2,000.
Me:  Yes, but I have four cards already, and my roommates are out, so I dont think anyone will be taking.
TM:  Well, I'll just send you the application, then you can see whether you want it or not--
Me: --but I have already decided that I do not want it!
TM: Ok, bye!
Call # 2
Me:  Hello
TM: Hi -This is Trisch, with Seminole Hurricane Shutters-
Me: We already have some.
TM: Thank you.
                Random Ramblings:

So I finally sat down and watched a few episodes of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.  Let me add that I dont usually like makeover shows.  I dont watch reality TV. I hardly watch TV at all.  However, this show amuses me.  Oh yes, it has stereotypes.  But at least it shows that they are out there joking about it, and that there are some straight guys who aren't Neanderthals. 
More Random Ramblings:

"In this thorougly postmodern piece, we see intertextual angst as signified by the uneasy juxtaposition of Johannes Brahms (removed from his natural time and setting) with a
gigantic talking taco...."
Anyone remember Warner Bros' Histeria??  Yeah - that was quality cartoon programming! Back in the day!!
From an Histeria episode, Thomas Jefferson tries to break up the Julius Caesar/Philip II of Spain fight.  This drawing of mine shows that I actually took care to produce decent cartoons. Unfortunately, that has all changed...
Number  of times this disaster has been witnessed:
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Movie Review Thought:

Sky Captain:  why was this such a big deal? I can see the people at the weather channel grumbling now..

TM: Hi this is Greg from Discover Card.
Me: Hi, how are you?
TM: You're preapproved for a Discover Gold college card.
ME: How is that different from the Discover Classic that I already have?
TM:  Oh. You have one ??
TM:  Hi, is ...Gruta.. Greta there?
Me:  Uhhh..no one here by that name...
TM:  Is this (reads out correct #) ?
Me: actually yeah..
TM:  Can I speak to the mistress of the house?
Me:  uhh.. she's not home now..
TM:  This is Eyeglass works, she left her glasses here yesterday.
Me: OHHhh!! Yeah, hold on!