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Welcome to the "Black_Archive" (by ZEro_01r.d.v.), a web archive dedicated to "transfer info-techs" as well as "ethical hacking infos", as it was originally intended; for using technology to gather knowledge and information, not for destruction or unlawful and selfish material gain.

As a newly created web archive, Black_Archive is striving to give its fullest efforts to guide those mis-informed about hacking infos thru its FAQs, and numbers of publicly distributed archive files from the trusted hacking community. Black_Archive is currently and will always be expanding its contents to offer more comprehensive resources, including tools-download, source codes (all flavor), and hacking documents (all format), from a numbers of known authors, programmers and heroes of the hackerdom.

As other web archives would (on their opening-rem page), we define Hacking as a term describe in the Jargon Files (by Eric Steven Reymond), contains a bunch of definitions of the term `hacker', most having to do with technical adeptness and a delight in solving problems and overcoming limits.

As cyber crimes has ensued, the term hack has taken on negative meaning and has lost association with the true principles that it was founded on. For this reason, the Black_Archive was created to promote hacking where used for creation and system penetration in the pursuit of knowledge and not for the destruction of that knowledge. Black_Archive hosts a wealth of ethical information resources on hacking and the hacking society from around the Internet.

We invite you to join our community, as we promote the ethics and values of true hacking, and take advantage of the vast resources and tools made available through this web archive.


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