Hey world, and welcome to my little corner of the universe. This is my web page and everything on it is stuff I like. Here you will find, in my opinion, the best of music, fashion, extreme sports(esp. skateboarding) art and liturature. I will always be adding more, so visit me often. If you have any lyrics you would like me to post or any questions or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism let me know. subliminaly_dieing@yahoo.com Don't send me anything rudely critical, or obsene. But anything helpful is always welcome. Oh yeah, I almost forgot...none of these pictures are mine, except for the ones on my homies page, now that I've said that you can't sue me if they're yours, but I will be obligated to remove them from my site if you wish.

The Day of the Damned
my thoughts
The Concept
"Wickedness is a myth invented by good people to account for the curious attractiveness of others.." -Oscar Wilde

Other Links

This site is one of my personal favorites, it contains a variety of gothic poems and short stories as well as many other cool features.
This is another one of my favorite sites, free services and interaction for the dark online community. For those interested in dark, gothic, or alternative lifestyles, Gothic-Rose.com is a complete virtual resource center.
Gothic-Rose: Destiny's Bitter-Sweet Seduction




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