Well here are my music videos.  I am sorry that they are not high quality but yahoo! briefcase will only let me upload 5mb at a time.
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Name: Vegeta's Pride
Song: Don't Stay
Artists: Linkin Park
Duration: 3:15
Format: WMV
This is my latest music video, so hopefully it is the best.  It is completely composed of clips taken from the fight of majin Vegeta against Goku.
Name: Buu vs Buu
Song: Figure.09
Artists: Linkin Park
Duration: 3:27
Format: WMV
I tried to do a little something different by using opacity, but I don't think it looks that good.  Anyway it follows the entire buu saga with Majin Buu against the other buus.
Name: Ultimate Battle
Song: Points of Authority
Artists Linkin Park
Duration: 3:29
Format: WMV
Alright, here is my first ever music video.  I think it went well but could use some fixing up.  It is the ultimate battle between kid buu and goku on the sacred planet of the kais.  The outcome of this fight determines the fate of the universe!
Soon to Come ...