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This is a site with the limelight focused strictly on Heero and Duo of Gundam Wing (I do stray off to other couples and subjects, but most of it is HDHDHD! ^_^ Me? Obsessed? Now wherever did you get that idea? ^^;), which obviously means this is a YAOI site, meaning male/male relationships though most of you probably already knew that. ^_^ But I'll say it anyway. You can either head back or stay and cruise around!

Claimer: Although most of the images on this site were taken and modified from the official pics, I will ask that you don't take them (I worked really hard on some of them). I'll always be more than happy to let you borrow them, but that means asking first.
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is property of Bandai and other people who are unwilling to share. *pouts* ^^;
However, if you're even thinking of stealing the HTML, Stylesheets, JavaScript, or my bandwith, then I suggest smashing your head against the wall a few times. 1