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6.28.2003 - Dreamweaver

Well, no more straight hand-coding will happen. I started using Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 (yeah, I know it's an older version) today, but maybe now I'll be able to make this website look halfway decent in less time than before. Not to worry; I'll make sure that it doesn't shoot out bloated HTML -- I'll optimize and strip down the output by hand, if necessary.

6.20.2003 - C++ Coding

I graduated from high school today! Although I haven't had any school for the past week (exempt from all exams), I will only now be officially done. It feels quite good. And now, to the point.

Over the past week I've practically doubled my C++ programming knowledge; I finished up friend classes and functions,

6.12.2003 - Blender and Cygwin
This is the first update in a while; those AP tests really prevented my adding new content. Anyway, I finally got the Tuhopuu variant of Blender to compile using Cygwin! The debug executable was 25 MB or some similarly large size, and crashed on initialization. The release executable was much more reasonably sized, and I have been able to create new models in it. VRML import doesn't work, though (it doesn't in BF-Blender, either).
5.1.2003 - College Plans
I will be attending Princeton University in the fall of 2003! Electrical Engineering all the way!
5.1.2003 - Update Numero Uno
Today I started work on this new site; I hope you all like the new design. It's nicer than the old one by a long shot, I think---even better, the little image adds roughly zero time to the download. Well, I'll post some more stuff when I've improved the rest of the site a bit and brought it up to standard.

It's still all hand coded...I finally am writing some decent HTML here, and CSS!

I'm sure what most of you want is a better LDRAW to Blender importer, but I'm a tad busy right now with all these AP tests and such. The Python API in Blender is evolving, too, so I don't want to write code that will suddenly become useless. If only I could write a renderer...but that's a project that's a long ways off.

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