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Welcome to Kelly Ewing's Website!!!

    Time for an update, don't you think? 

    Or well, you could take "update" to mean "Mass Deletion", I suppose.  I'd originally pieced this site together YEARS ago, just to use up some free time here and there.  But this was way before blogging and Myspace and things like that became so common, so now it almost seems kind of cliched.  Or at least that's how I see it this afternoon.  Soooo, I'm tossing out most of what I had before.  Looking back on it now, the majority of it actually still applies.  Some of it was funny.  Bits of it were interesting.  A very small portion of it was actually well-written.  Way too long-winded, though.  I'm aiming for brevity this time around.  My apologies if you liked the old stuff.  Some of it might resurface later, if the mood strikes, so keep an eye out....
A few basic things about me...
    Let's see...  I turned 30 this year.  If you're thinking of trying 30 on for size, I really can't recommend it.  I took an entire week off from work to obsess about it.  Now that I'm there I suppose it's not all that bad, but not being a "twenty-something" and instead being in my "early-thirties" is a little jarring.  Television and movie studios still care what I think until i step out of the coveted 18 to 35 year old age demographic, though, so I guess that's something...  Ummmm, I live in a small Oklahoma town, near Tulsa, and aside from living in Colorado for a few years, this is pretty much the area where I was born and raised.    I work as an assistant librarian at a small local college.  Sure, it's a dangerous job, but someone has to do it.  I graduated from Northeastern State University in 1999 with a degree in English, which has a great many uses, none of which make any money whatsoever.  So I wound up at a university library.  Which isn't bad.  The job's okay, although it certainly has it's share of downtime as far as workload goes.  It's really feast or famine at times.  I get along well with my coworkers, although a couple of them definitely have their own little quirks that get under my skin from time to time.  And if you think I'm being deliberately vague about my job and it's ups and downs because of the possibility that you may actually BE one of my coworkers, well...  You're quite astute, now aren't you?  =P      
A few slightly more specific things about me...

     Most of the stuff I'd listed here before still applies.  Nick Hornby is still my favorite author, the man is a genius.  High Fidelity never, ever gets old.  I still admit to really enjoying the Bridget Jones books too.  I still love The Sopranos, despite not having HBO and having to rely entirely on the DVD boxed sets.  I still love Calvin and Hobbes.  have you SEEN that new hardcover set with all of the strips?  It's fantastic.  Better Than Ezra is still one of the best bands on the planet, and there's nothing like catching a show on the front row in some smoke-filled bar when they play.  Movie sites like Aint It Cool News and Chud still take up way too much of my free time.  I'm a first-degree black belt, although that one comes with a lot of disclaimers, the first being that, despite public perception, a black belt is still very much a mid-level rank, particularly within traditional styles, especially these days.  It's more the point where you get a decent grasp on what you're doing rather than the "expert" level it's sometimes seen as.  And I don't think martial arts, or at least traditional arts, will necessarily make someone a good fighter.  The toughest people I've met who'd studied a martial art would have been just fine in a fight if they'd taken up chess or baseball instead.  There's the martial side, which involves the practical fighting aspects, but there's also the art side, which involves repeating a particular movement or pattern over and over with a heavy emphasis on posture, breathing, form and other technical details.  Arts like Aikido or Tai Chi or certain styles of karate, although they each have a marital basis, might skew more toward the art side, whereas arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Thai boxing are the opposite, concentrating more on practical fighting application.    But anyway, for the record, I've studied martial arts since I was about 14.   I still collect comic books, which I usually defend by pointing out that Alan Moore's Watchen comics are taught in English Lit courses and Art Spiegelman's MAUS comics won the pulitzer prize, but for the most part they're just a fun, pop-lit throwback from my childhood that I never outgrew.  Although, I do have a theory that comic shops are some of the last mom-and-pop type stores on the planet.  I buy my books at Barnes and Noble or Borders, I buy my DVDs at Best Buy, I do way too much of my shopping at Wal-Mart, but I buy my comics at a tiny shop in Tulsa that hasn't changed in 15 years and smells of old newsprint and glossy covers where the owner recognizes me when I walk in.   I could definitely use more places like that.        
But what about you?!?
    Who the hell ARE you people?  Seriously, the traffic on this site periodically just spikes sky high for no apparent reason, and although I get a lot of crazy search terms from time to time, the majority of the time it's just people typing my name into Google.  Do I know you?  Did I know you sometime in the past?  Did I bump into you at the library?  God, I hope not.  I'm not the Library Guy.  I don't even know if I like the Library Guy.  That guy behind the circ desk?  He hates wearing ties.  Hates them.  He feels like he's playing a part or walking around in someone else's skin all day.  Poor guy...  ;)   Anyway, if I know you, or if we've lost touch, or if you just randomly bounced across my tiny little corner of the internet, send me an e-mail or something.  My address is k_ewing@sbcglobal.net  I could use some actual e-mail to counter-balance all of the junk mail I usually get...  Take care, everybody.        
Kelly Buckles Under Peer Pressure...
    A couple of friends had suggested I put a Myspace page up several months ago so, not really knowing what Myspace was, I slapped a quick page together.  It immediately became apparent that everyone on the face of the planet has one of these things.  Seriously, I'd been on maybe a week and I'd already had messages from three different people I hadn't heard from in almost 10 years.  And I'd say the majority of the student body of the college I work at is represented.   

     Anyway, since everyone ELSE is doing it, here's my Myspace page: 

Kelly's Space
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