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Megaman X and Zero's Website
Pictures and Storyline
   This is for those of you new to the Megaman X games, this is Zero.  When Dr. Light created megaman to stop Dr. Wily, he thought he had created the ultimate weapon.  But later, Wily finally figured out a way to beat Megaman.  He created Zero to defeat Megaman, and he did.  Knowing that if he didn't do something soon, the whole world would be in peril.  He created upgrades for megaman, but hid him underground fearing that someone might steal him.  Zero came and destroyed the lab and Light.  At this time, Zero also killed Dr. Wily.  Sigma was a maverick hunter at this time, and Zero a maverick.  But later, it switched around.  And Sigma's been trying to get Zero to realize his true power ever since.
    Megaman X was created after Zero had defeated the regular Megaman.  Dr. Light had constructed special armor for Megaman that he could find throughout the level.  In the first Megaman X, Megaman was pretty worthless until he went to Chill Penguin's stage and got the dash boots.  As the saga continued, the armor changed, which is impossible since no one but Dr. Light knew how to create it and he's dead.  You'll find that if you play all of the Megaman X series, the games contradict each other.  This armor is the regular armor that you get in X4, but you can also get the Ultimate Armor by entering a code in the character select and finding the capsule in Web Spider's stage
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