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Friday, 23-Oct-09 02:40:09 PDT
-=Lindsey's Birthday Countdown=-

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Watashi wa keyz desu.
Dozo yoroshiku.

Watashi wa amerika-jin desu soshite nihongo sukoshi hanashimasu.

Spike: Anata wa amerika-jin desu ka?
Keyz: Ee..
Spike: Kore wa nan desu ka?
Keyz: Sore wa website desu.
Spike: Kore wa Keyz-san no website desu ka?
Faye: Sou desu.
Steve (to Keyz): Kore wa anatu no ka?
Keyz: Hai, watashi no desu
Spike: Domo sumimasen.
Spike: Are mo website desu ka?
Keyz: Iie, are wa website dewa arimasen. Are wa boushi desu.
Spike: Domo arigato gozaimasu.
Jet: Sumimasen, Are wa dare no desu ka?
Keyz: Ano tabako wa watashi no desu.
Faye: Rokuju-en no taoru o san-mai kudasai.


Photoshop Gems

Photoshop Gem #1 Photshop Gem #2 Photoshop Gem #3

Everything you see on this site has been created by me (of course)
The html, scripting, java applets, and stylesheets were written using Textpad

The "Photoshop Gems" were done in Adobe Photoshop CS
"Photoshop Gem #2" is a mod on an image from a T-Shirt which can be found < here >
Link buttons were provided by the websites and modded in Photoshop

The song heard on the multimedia page is from a Sega Genesis game, Phantasy Star IV

The picture you see in the background is that of Jenova from Final Fantasy VII

Finally, if you have a question or comment you can send me an < email >